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“Most people looking to build a website will have heard of WordPress. In fact, you probably already have an idea of what WordPress is, right? Simply put, WordPress is a website creation tool that can be used to freely create a very customized website.”

WordPress is an extremely popular website building tool that, at last count, is being used by more than 80 million websites.

WordPress started out as a fairly standard blogging platform, but quickly morphed into a sophisticated website builder that lets you create any website you can think of – including membership, forum, ecommerce, business websites and more.

The flexibility of WordPress creates content, images, video and more into a functional website.

Powerful Solutions Using The Flexibility of WooCommerce

WooCommerce is among the most popular and powerful of e-commerce plugins because it offers a host of great features. It’s truly an all-in-one solution that offers a stellar performance track record. With Woo, you’ll see:

  • intuitive, user-focused interface
  • full tracking functionality
  • wide array of payment options
  • custom shipping options
  • responsive design
  • a variety of widgets
  • ability to share products on social media
  • overview of your store’s inventory
  • built-in promotional and marketing tools
  • highly customizable checkout

WooCommerce – the most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business.

This is why most users choose WordPress + WooCommerce because of the flexibility it offers. 

WordPress is the most popular website builder and WooCommerce is the world’s largest eCommerce platform.

GDPR ~ We provide for Site Owners

The purpose of the GDPR is to encourage site owners to be thoughtful about the personal data they collect and how they use that data. Some of the steps you can take as a site owner are to:

Publish a Privacy Policy

Your Privacy Policy should let your users know what data your site is collecting about them, how they are being tracked and their options for opting out, and provide information on the best way to contact you.

Display website on all devices